Business Consultancy

Aghaz IT Solutions provides business consulting services. We help our valued customers align their corporate rules and procedures. Our primary strength is our innovative solution design approach. We thoroughly examine existing scenarios and find areas where there are flaws. Furthermore, the process progresses to plan and develop strategies, define benchmarks, and set long-term objectives. Execution plans are created to establish a road map for achieving short and long-term objectives. Our comprehensive business solutions are dependable, high-quality, and profitable. Biztech Point assists in increasing productivity through smart resource planning, efficient operational processes, and the most effective use of human capital’s talents and potential.

Our business consulting service helps new businesses get off the ground by providing a variety of services. Our business consulting services benefit young professionals, including university graduates who want to get into entrepreneurship, women who want to run their own online shop, industry professionals who have worked for a long time and now want to start their own business, and anyone with a strong desire to become an entrepreneur.
Small enterprises with limited resources can be greatly benefited by our professionally designed and highly dedicated start-up business consulting services. We help you grow, transform and excel in your business ventures by offering:

Our Modes Include

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Business Model
  • Canvas
  • Brand Identity
  • PESTEL Analysis
  • HR Planning
  • Content Management
  • VMO Planning
  • Organizational Structure
  • Web & E-Commerce

Along with training, students actively participate in real projects relevant to their courses to gain practical knowledge.

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