Do you charge for testing?

No, We don’t charge for testing. In fact our technical team conducts a special demonstration and testing meeting during different phases of a project. The final product is submitted to client for testing. The project is marked complete only after receiving a green signal from the client.

May I test the application on my hosting?

It depends on the application. In certain cases, we do offer testing on client’s hosting. In some cases, to avoid any conflicts and confusion, the testing and demonstrations are done on Aghaz Solutions’ own servers. More specific answer to this question depends on the scenario. Contact us for more information.

Is your application responsive?

Yes, we proiritize responsiveness in our development process. We understand how important it is for our clients and their customer base. That’s the reason, we always provide responsive design.

How long does it take to setup after I purchase?

Our expert technical team is always there to help you with the setup. After the project is finalized, our team is there to set it up for you. It roughly takes less than an hour.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, There are no hidden charges. Clients receive a detailed invoice mentioning all service charges. We include third party purchases, our service charges, and taxes in our invoices.

Can I request custom changes?

Yes, you can always request custom changes. We do on-demand customizations for our clients. Unless those changes don’t collapse with the finalized product, you’re always welcome to request custom changes.

Which hosting should I use for this?

To get the best services, we suggest you to use our own web hosting servers. We offer economical and premium web hosting service. Otherwise, we recommend best web hosting service based on our client’s requirements.

How can I get support and advice?

Go to our contact page, fill the form and we’ll respond asap. Other ways to communicate with Aghaz Solutions include social media channels, email, and IM services mentioned on the contact page.

Is that possible to use the application on more than one domain?

If a product/application developed by Aghaz Solutions is meant to be used on a specific domain only, you can’t use it on multiple domains. If it’s a product outsourced by clients to us, they can use it anywhere they want.

Do you offer refund?

We have a 1 month support and trail policy. We offer refund in case the client is not satisfied with the final product/service meaning that the deliverable does not fullfil the criteria described in the agreement.

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